The Sage Prenatal Screen

The Sage™ Prenatal Screen

An advanced prenatal screening test using the latest advances in DNA technology to detect cell free DNA in maternal blood.

The Sage™ prenatal screen provides pregnant women and their families fast, safe and reliable results and reduces the need for invasive tests and the associated risks, stress and anxiety.

The Sage™ prenatal screen is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for pregnant women which estimates the risk of a fetus having Down’s syndrome and other genetic diseases. The Sage™ analysis is carried out on a small maternal blood sample. Sage™ utilises the sequencing and bioinformatics expertise and the clinical understanding and high quality standards of Yourgene Health.

The Sage™ prenatal screen for:

  • – Autosomal aneuploidies of 23 pairs of chromosomes including Trisomy 21, 18, 13
  • – Sex chromosome aneuploidies
  • – Microdeletions
  • – Fetal sex determination

How does the Sage™ prenatal screen work?

During pregnancy, the placenta leaks fetal cell-free DNA whic3h circulates in the maternal bloodstream. As a result, a maternal blood sample contains a mixture of fetal and maternal circulating DNA. The Sage™ prenatal screen directly measures the amount of this cell-free DNA and can detect small changes in the DNA ratio between the maternal and cell-free DNA to estimate the risk of a fetal chromosomal aneuploidy or a microdeletion being present. The Sage™ prenatal screen employs the latest advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyse the DNA.

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