Quality Assurance & Testing

Innovative Diagnostics participates in the following External Quality Assurance Programs

1) Overseas EQA programs
• College of American Pathologists (CAP) Proficiency Testing Program
• BioRad Laboratories, External Quality Assurance Program (Clinical Chemistry, Immunology Assays & Haemoglobin)
• RCPA Quality Assurance Program (Serology)
• United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme for trace elements (UKNEQAS)
• Quebec Multi-element External Quality Assessment Scheme (QMEQAS)


2) Local EQA programs
• National Proficiency Testing for ABO/Rh Testing
• National Proficiency Testing for HIV Testing
• National Proficiency Testing for Malaria Parasite Testing
• National Proficiency Testing for AFB smear Testing
• Health Science Authority (HSA) External Quality Assessment Program


Below latest Quality independent audit reports (EQAS) for period Jan 2015 – Dec 2015.
As you can see Innovative Diagnostic’s Labs (Main Lab – Frontech and Stat Lab – Camden) scored in the best category in Singapore and worldwide.


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