Oncostem CanAssist Breast

Why is it important to determine risk of recurrence for breast cancer patients?

With modern developments in diagnosis and treatment, breast cancer isn’t as frightening as it used to be. Today, not all women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer need to undergo chemotherapy. Each patient’s cancer is unique and personalizing breast cancer treatment is recommended.

What is CanAssist Breast?

CanAssist Breast is a first of its kind prognostic test developed using machine learning-based techniques. It offers fundamental insights which enable oncologists to determine the right treatment regimen for each patient.

The CanAssist Breast risk score determines the patient’s risk of breast cancer recurrence over fi­ve years after diagnosis, allowing patients who are classifi­ed as ‘low risk’ for breast cancer recurrence to potentially avoid chemotherapy and its side effects.

When should the CanAssist Breast Test be performed?

Your doctor needs to prescribe the CanAssist Breast test after you have undergone surgery to remove the tumor. It needs to be prescribed before treatment is started so that treatment can be customized based on your risk of recurrence.

How is CanAssist Breast performed?

CanAssist Breast is performed on the tumor tissue removed during your surgery. The hospitals that conduct these surgeries routinely save and store these tumor tissues.

A proteomics-based method is used to analyze a patented combination of protein biomarkers expressed in your tumor to compute your risk of recurrence of cancer using a proprietary machine learning-based algorithm.  Since CanAssist Breast looks at critical information pertaining to your tumor, it helps doctors design custom-made treatment plans specific to your risk of recurrence.

How do I interpret the test results?

The CanAssist Breast algorithm produces a risk score ranging from 0-100. A cut-off of 15.5 is applied to stratify patients into either low-risk (score ≤15.5) or high-risk (score >15.5).

Based on your test results, you and your doctor can formulate a personalized treatment plan, supported by an evidence-based informed decision about your benefi­t from chemotherapy over its side effects.

What regulatory approvals does CanAssist Breast have?

CanAssist Breast has several international accreditations and regulatory approvals. The test is CE marked. It is performed at a laboratory which is accredited by College of American Pathologists (CAP) and ISO 13485 certified.


Why choose CanAssist Breast?

CanAssist Breast provides a clear-cut binary classifi­cation of patients into low-risk or high-risk for recurrence, with no intermediate risk category.  There is no ambiguity in the result you receive.

Furthermore, unlike other tests developed using data from patients outside Asia, CanAssist Breast has been validated on Asian patients, who are likely to have different disease features compared to patients from Western countries.

With CanAssist Breast, you are just one test away knowing what the right treatment for you is.

To download the Innovative Diagnostic OncoStem CanAssist Breast, Brochure please click here.


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