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Our Culture

Innovative Diagnostics has an innovative, collaborative and family culture. In an practice where we deal personally with all our clients everyday that expect excellence, we seek only the best. We are recognised for our excellent training, development and leadership. We seek out and develop the potential and strengths of each and every employee. At Innovative Diagnostics you will not just find a job but a career with purpose.

Positive Organisation

We are a “Positive Organisation”. What this means is that we recognise that the well-being of our employees is paramount, as they spend most of their waking hours in our care. We strive to seek what is good in our employees and how we can develop them rather than dwell on their weaknesses.

Innovation can only occur with employing the right people from the beginning that have potential and are open to new ideas. We continually innovate and seek new ways of doing things better. This is because we are a collaborative organisation, we reward innovation and embody that in the way we manage and lead our employees day to day.

Be Professional but have “joy” at work

Having “fun” at work is an important part of our company. Every year we have numerous “fun” programs that bring joy and laughter. If you look at our confidential survey below which was taken by every employee anonymously you will see that our staff not only feel their job is important but they love the place they work. If you join Innovative Diagnostics you are not joining an organisation – you are joining a family.

Every month, the staff internal newsletter, “The Flash” is distributed to keep our staff fully abreast of our external and internal activities, welcome new staff and celebrate birthdays.
Click here to download our Q1 2019 issue.

What do our Employees think

In June 2015, Innovative Diagnostics did a confidential survey amongst all our staff to ascertain our company’s culture. In doing so we were interested to see how staff feel about their work environment. In summary, key results of the survey found:-

• employees felt highly engaged at work
• employees felt the importance of their job
• employees felt that their supervisors cared for them
• employees felt encouraged at work
• employees felt Innovative Diagnostics had a fantastic ‘family’ culture.

We are very fortunate to have such a great and wonderful team, as this ensures we give the best to our doctors and patients.

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