Let’s Go Bananas!!!

With the objectives to encourage all staff to incorporate healthy eating at our workplace and maintain a well-balanced diet, we are pleased to introduce our “Fruity Day” this week.

Each staff will receive a banana!

If You Think Bananas Are Just For Monkeys, Think Again…

The amazing health benefits of banana include……  helping with weight loss, menstrual problems and burns,

– reducing obesity and the severity of ulcers

– curing intestinal disorders, relieving constipation

– relieving conditions like dysentery, anaemia, arthritis, gout, kidney & urinary disorders.

– reducing blood pressure, protecting heart health

– boosting metabolism and immunity, detoxifying the body

– ensuring healthy eyes, building strong bones, and the list goes on…


Find out more at > https://www.foodmatters.com/article/25-powerful-reasons-to-eat-bananas

Have a Healthy Fruity Day & Let’s Make Innovative a Fruitful Workplace J

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