Innovative Diagnostics – Hong Kong

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Mr. Andrew Lee
Chief Executive Officer – Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong

Mr. Andrew Lee joins Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong with many years of experience in the corporate medical industry. Mr. Lee holds a biochemistry and cell biology degree from the University of California, San Diego, USA. He obtained his MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School. His corporate business experience includes establishing new business units for MNC pharmaceutical companies like Roche and Celgene. He was also involved in several new medical centre start-ups in Hong Kong which included the new Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre. Mr. Lee is very passionate about bringing the best laboratory service and standards to the medical profession and we look forward to his leadership of Innovative Diagnostics, Hong Kong.

Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong commenced its operation in June 2015. The laboratory is based in the centre of Hong Kong in the prestigious New World Tower. The sleek and modern laboratory is located in the heart of the Medical Specialists area. With an amazing technical and client services team we are set to conquer new markets and horizons.


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