Company Preventive Measures Against Wuhan Coronavirus

Given the rapidly evolving situation regarding the Wuhan coronavirus (nCoV), Innovative Diagnostics have taken the following preventive measures with immediate effect.

1. All business and personal travel to China are to be deferred. If essential travel is still required, approval from the Senior Management is required and staff are to heed MOH recommendations accordingly.
Staff can refer to the MOH website at for latest updates on Wuhan virus.

2. Staff returning from Hubei province and other locked-down cities in China are to work from home for 14 days upon returning to Singapore. This 14-day Leave of Absence will be taken as paid medical followed by paid hospitalisation leave. Please inform your supervisor and HR upon return to Singapore immediately.

3. Staff returning from China, other than returning from Hubei province and other locked-down cities, or having visitors from China are to return to work and monitor their temperature twice daily (morning and noon) for at least 14 days from date of return to Singapore. If staff is unwell, staff should inform their supervisor and HR and seek medical attention immediately.

4. Staff feeling unwell (especially those with flu-like symptoms like fever, coughing and breathing difficulties) should NOT report to work and should seek medical attention immediate and inform their supervisor and HR accordingly.

5. Staff who have direct contacts with patients or visit the clinics (e.g. phlebotomist, despatch, marketing staff) are strongly encouraged to wear surgical masks and gloves (available at our store) at site and use hand sanitisers or wash their hands frequently with soaps.

6. Staff are encouraged to reduce the number of physical meetings and use video and/or conference calls instead. For physical meetings with external parties, staff are to check with your visitors on their travel history in the last 14 days prior to the meeting. If these visitors have developed a fever or have visited Hubei and locked-down cities, kindly switch to video and/or conference calls instead.

7. All staff have to declare and indicate their travel destinations accurately when they apply for annual leave in the portal.

Generally, the Company will also heed any further recommendations from MOH. This will be updated as they arise.

Herewith attached the Advisory on nCoV in China & wearing masks posters for your immediate reference.

In the interest of providing a safe operating environment for all staff and of remaining operational as a critical infrastructure enterprise, we urge all staff to stay vigilant and cooperate fully as regards the above measures.

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