BRCA 1& 2 Breast Cancer Test

What is the BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 Test

The BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 Test is a Cancer Screen that looks at two critical genes — BRCA1and BRCA2 — that protect our bodies from developing certain cancers. A positive result gives you information about your specific cancer risks, and what you can do to lower them. Did you know that women can inherit breast cancer susceptibility from their father? Or that men can inherit prostate cancer susceptibility from their mother?

We believe it’s good to know this information about your body, so you can make important choices about your life. One way to do this is to look at two genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2. These genes are inside our bodies from birth, and they work to protect us from certain cancers. A change in either of these genes, which we call a “mutation,” can interfere with the ability of the genes to prevent cancer. With a small sample of DNA,  wecan predict your lifetime risk of getting cancers of the breast, prostate, ovary and pancreas. Our clinical team has extensive genetics knowledge and can help you confidently use the information to your benefit.


If you are tested positive with for the mutation in the BRCA 1 or BRCA2 gene then it’s good to know. You can take a positive step in managing this disease.

  • – There are medications that can cut your inherited cancer risks by half.
  • – You can begin mammograms and breast MRIs earlier in life if you are positive.
  • – Certain surgical procedures can help you beat the odds of getting cancer.

Genes Tested



High-throughput sequencing is used to analyze 50 exons in  the BRCA 1 or BRCA2 gene, as well as selected intergenic and intronic regions. These regions are sequenced to high coverage and the sequences are compared to standards and references of normal variation. Copy number analysis is used to determine large deletions and duplications in all reported exons to see anomalies.

Analytical Sensitivity






Sample Type

Collection sample of Blood or saliva

To request kits, which include appropriate collection tubes please call Innovative Diagnostics. History of bone marrow transplantation or recent blood transfusions may limit the accuracy of results.

Average Turn-around time

2 weeks


This test is designed to detect known DNA mutations associated with inherited cancer. It cannot detect every mutation associated with every inherited cancer syndrome, nor does it analyze all known inherited cancer syndromes or causes for cancer.




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